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Leila H. (2015)

I recommend Joel to everyone. He sees through the hair that IS to the hair that CAN BE. And he really listens and analyzes your instructions to understand what you want in a haircut. As other reviewers have mentioned, he's an excellent conversationalist as well. On the other side, he's also perfectly comfortable not talking at all if you just want a relaxing non-verbal experience. He's the sort of person you'd want to hang out with even if he didn't give excellent haircuts. Such an awesome dude.

Marina W. (2014)

Joel is a wonderful and knowledgable hairstylist... For awhile I'd been contemplating about getting a "flapper style " kind of haircut or a.k.a a very short bob. I didn't really know who to go to, since I usually just got my hair cut at birds and usually got something very simple or "safe". So I looked around on yelp and can across Joel, read all the positive reviews about him, so I booked an appointment and I couldn't have been happier with my decision! Hands down he gave me one of the best hair cuts I've ever had and to top off my experience, he's a really great person to talk to, very genuine and interesting. I defiantly found my new hairstylist!

Brooke B. (2014)

Joel is THE BEST! I have the curliest craziest hair ever and hadn't gotten it cut in 2 years. The last time I got it cut, it was chopped above my shoulders and way to short when it dried. Joel was careful to cut my hair knowing I part it differently everyday depending on what it wants to do. He is a master of curly hair and has the most calm energy. I trusted his expertise immediately. I will definitely be back to see him next time. I am so happy with my haircut!

Amber A. (2014)

I moved to Austin over 2 years ago and had held off on cutting my hair until I could fly back home and see my old stylist back in Los Angeles. I finally reached a point when I wasn't able to wait any longer and decided to see Joel on the recommendation of a friend. I have very full, wavy (bordering on curly) hair and it takes skill to make this hair look good. Well, I couldn't be happier; Joel is a skilled stylist with exceptional training and a great eye for shape. I've now had four haircuts by him and have loved each one of them. Several of my friends have now started coming to him after seeing his work and they've turned into big fans and loyal customers as well. Did I mention that he is a joy to be around on top of being a stellar stylist?

Brook B. (2013)

I've waited a few weeks since my hair appointment, and I can safely say Joel gave me the best haircut I've ever had! My hair is fine and flat and I always had a problem making it look like it has a style. Now it seriously always looks good! I don't have to style it at all and it looks tousled and awesome. Joel also took the time to help me figure out my face shape and discuss what type of hairstyle he thought would look good on my face. He was the most thorough stylist I've ever been to! Go see Joel!

Daphne V. (2013)

This was my first time at Peacock Salon and I am extremely impressed by Joel. He is awesome; Not only he is very knowledgeable hair stylist and excellent colorist but also put up with at 7PM and did my cut and color. I literally created a yelp account so I could spread the word about how great he is.

Jenny M. (2013)

I've been searching for a stylist in Austin for over a year now, and I think I finally found one! Joel was awesome; not afraid to make suggestions and convince me to try something a little bit more daring then my "usual". I was relaxed and really enjoyed how much attention he paid to perfecting the cut.

I'll definitely be back and highly suggest you check him out if you're on the hunt for a great haircut - Thanks Joel!

Hilary A. (2013)

Well, basically, Joel is the Jam. He is, hands down, the best hair stylist I've ever had. Wait, he's not a hair stylist, he's a hair architect. Really. The man has skills with scissors I have never seen anywhere else. He can sculpt and shape hair in geometrical ways I've never imagined. Literally every time I go in to see him, I leave with a new piece of artwork on my scalp. Even when my hair grows out, I still look like a modern Picasso. I never saw symmetry before I saw Joel cut my hair.

Furthermore, I usually find hair stylists vapid and shallow beings. No, I'm not interested in talking about local gossip or the fucking weather. Joel was the first stylist I met who I actually enjoyed talking with. (My friend recommended that I go to him not only because of his wicked hair skills, but because she also said he was the only hair stylist that she could ever have a real conversation in depth with). He's smart and interesting and we have similar interests in the world. He's lived and has a world acumen. Another jam point.

Lastly, Joel is just a great human being. This is probably the biggest jam point one can earn in my book. Nice guys really do finish first and he crossed that finish line the first time he cut my hair.

Quit going to lame Bird's and sitting with that shitty beer while someone dices your perfectly beautiful hair. Your locks have so much more potential than that. Book yourself an appointment with Joel and enter a new coiffure universe.

Kristina K. (2013)

I got more compliments on my haircut that Joel gave me than any I have ever had. I have very fine, somewhat wavy hair with a mind of its own. My haircut is so good that my hair looks great for two to three days after washing. It goes where it is supposed to. It also lasts. I only need to cut my hair every 10 weeks or so and it looks great the whole time. The best hair cut ever!!!!!

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